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Forum Help

Amanda Nelson
Fluid Motion Agility

New NADAC Forum

Hi Everyone!

The new NADAC Forum site is ready for everyone to join! You can use the link below to request access and create your profile! Please be patient with being approved into the group as I am sure there... (More)

Forum Updates and Changes

Hi Everyone,

As you may have noticed, this forum is getting a lot of spam and we are having a heck of a time combating it. As well as the forum not being quite as user friendly as we hoped,... (More)

Hey everyone,

Made a quick, well 15 minutes so not that quick, video explaining some of the notification info and how to set up the forum to work best for you.

Disaster Relief For Eastern Sierra Agility Group

Eastern Sierra Agility Group held their annual NADAC Agility trial in Mammoth Lakes, CA from August 19-21, 2022. On Sunday, the 21st, a small tornado swept through the show site, ripping canopies out of the ground and carrying them up... (More)