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Marcy replied 21 hours ago
Champs Stalls
Marcy Matties
Agility Addict & Judge

Champs Stalls and Covid restrictions?

Now that Covid is improving and so many places are loosening their restrictions, do we know yet whether we will still have to have an empty stall between each person/group? Or if people will be able to move their stall... (More)

Karla liked 4 days ago

Champs Embroidery Clothing

4 Paws Embroidery will head to Champs this fall in Springfield, Ohio. We will be bringing many clothing options to the event and a few of the Champs jackets. Taking order now and these can be shipped or we can... (More)

Sarah followed an hour ago

New combined hoopers and barrelers

Have there been any updates about combining hoopers and barrelers? I want to make sure I didn't miss anything and I'm setting VTs that make the most sense. 

Cheryl liked 4 days ago
Amanda Nelson
Fluid Motion Agility

2021 NADAC Championship Judges

We are excited to announce our Judges for the 2021 NADAC Championships!

Mike O’Martian

Erin Wajda

Patty Leroy

Janet Ooms