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June 4-5 Go Dog Go Agility - Trial indoors on artificial turf/climate controlled

Hello NADAC Exhibitors!

If you don't already have plans, Go Dog Go Agility would like to invite you to attend our June 4-5 agility trial in Indianapolis, IN! It is indoors, climate controlled, and on artificial turf at Pawsitive Partners... (More)

Sara followed 2 days ago

Champs Entry List

With gas prices sky rocketing, there's a good chance I won't be able to afford to go to Champs this year. =( I think I had already signed Two up back earlier in the spring. Will there be a notification... (More)

Wendi followed 3 days ago
Salli Dulco
Owner - Sage Hill Soapworks

2022 Champs Payment

Hello NADAC Office,

I signed up my dog for the 2022 Champs Pre-trial and Championships. I thought I read I was to be invoiced. I was charged $50 initially. I have not received an invoice for the remaining amount due.... (More)

Murrelet replied 4 days ago

Answers to Questions on Forum

Is there any way to set some notification when there are replies to questions or comments on the Forum. I get a notification when the original post is made, however, if there are comments later, I don't get notified. Now,... (More)