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April followed 41 minutes ago

Awards listing - added to point history in excel

When I download my 'point history' and create an excel spreadsheet, I have been pasting in the contents of what I called the 'award listing'.. This starts in column K and checks off what parts of NATCH, etc have been... (More)

Jean followed 4 hours ago
Courtney Williams
Reverse Lift of Just Plain- Stickers

Champs 2022 Pre-Elite

On the info sheet for championships it says there are only 4 divisions for Pre-Elite. It does not list extra large. Is there no extra large in Pre-Elite anymore?

Scott replied 2 hours ago

Anyone have a reliable Travel Trailer Rental option in Gillette? TIA

Jimmy replied 3 hours ago

Championships 2022 Hotel Info.... blocks and discounts!

Hey Everyone!

We have 2 hotels that have given us a block of rooms for Championships in Gillett, WY.

1. Right across the road from Cam- Plex, The Arbuckle. Rates and the code for the discount is below. Pet fees... (More)