All proceeds from this virtual seminar will be going towards Nargles veterinary bills. On July 15th Amanda came home to Nargles unable to walk and in pain, she has been diagnosed with Meningitis and we are currently taking things one day at a time while the amazing vets at Four Rivers work through the cause and treatment options.

Amanda and @Jimmy Steele  will be teaching a virtual seminar that will be streamed through Youtube and through a private Facebook group, giving you multiple different ways to watch! There will also be a private website for all participants that will include written lectures, video links, and more!

Can't make the live sessions? No problem! All sessions will be recorded so all participants can watch anytime!

There will be morning sessions and evening sessions, with a Q&A/ lecture and live working sessions for each.

Each session will focus on a specific topic as Amanda and Jimmy work through the exercises included in the session and as well as trouble shooting.

All participants can ask questions during any of the demo portions as well as the lecture portions! Participants can also submit videos of themselves working through the exercises with their own dogs from July 7th-14th!

If you are a Patreon member in the Working tier or higher, this seminar is included in your membership, you do NOT need to sign up below. Patreon members can also submit videos for review from this seminar with no time limits.

You can choose to sign up for one day only, or for both days at a discounted price.

Sign up at this link: