Hey All,

I am really, really sorry about the delay on this topic, it has been a nightmare. Or normal cart supplier had a change of employees since 2019, then after negotiations, they decided to back out. So, I spent a whole week searching around and finally found a place that can rent me a handful of carts but the price is nowhere near our old supplier. I have been trying to negotiate and have gained very little ground. 

So. I am going to put this out and see what the interest is. 

a 2 seat cart for the whole week will be $450. They only have 2 seaters with small utility beds on them available. You would be renting them through us and we would need to require a $200 deposit that will go towards the $450 total.

Let me know if ya’ll still want to rent them by either replying to this thread or emailing me at jimmy@nadac.com and I will put together a list.