Hey Campers!

I have got RV dumping arranged for champs this year. This crew is pretty flexible so I need to get a general consensus on what day most would like to be pumped. Either Thursday or Friday. Comment below and I will just pick the day with the majority of votes. 

Also, they said they would be available to come out again for those people that need to be dumped twice, but of course, it will be a second charge. 

Cost will be $25 CASH ONLY. This is their fee and their request, we are not charging anything to arrange this but we will be collecting money and signups. Once we have figured out a day, I will post a sign up sheet here on the forum.

We will do the same system as 2019, you pay, I hand you a flag, you put flag in front (or behind) your rig, they drive around and pump rigs with flags.