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Marcy Matties
Agility Addict
Asked a question 2 years ago

Champs Stakes requirement clarification question…. I understand the part in bold on the Champs page (regarding Stakes qualifications) that if you qualified for stakes using the original qualifications (the ones in the 2021 Info sheet), that you must still enter at your qualified level. Where I get unclear is the new items you have included that will help people who might want to do stakes but haven’t had much of a chance to try bonuses at trials. I think where I need help is understanding “may” vs “must.” For example: For the benefit of those who haven’t had a chance to trial much, you say Silver Stakes must have 250 lifetime points in Chances, and 2 bonus or distance challenges of any value. Since that is considerably less than the qualifications in the Info Sheet, I interpret that to mean .. If you have 250 points in CC and you have 2 bonus or distance challenges, you MAY enter Silver Stakes, but not that you MUST enter Silver Stakes. (Otherwise that would be a stricter qualification than what is in the Info Sheet) So with 250 CC and 2 Bonus/DC, you COULD enter Silver if you wanted, but you could also enter Starter. Am I interpreting that correctly?

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That is correct.   Most people haven't been to trials and doing bonuses, for instance in 2019 we had 510 approved bonus submissions, yet in 2020 we've only had 193.  And so far in 2021 we've only had 17.


So the qualifications in the info sheet were back when people were trialing consistently.   And if you got enough bonuses to put you into Super Stakes, then that is where you needed to run.

But with this year those bonus submissions just aren't happening.   So the updated qualifications are to allow more people to possibly compete, but we can't force anyone to compete at a certain level, since they haven't really shown the skills in a trial.