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Marcy Matties
Agility Addict
Asked a question 2 years ago

So I was going to just reply to your previous Champs Stakes answer, but there wasn't a place to reply (is there supposed to be? Maybe not since it was a "question" and not just a "post."). So anyway, here's a follow up question: And can you also clarify something else for me …. Each year the info sheet has listed the qualifications for Stakes and what you must have for each level. But I’ve never been clear on one point (didn't really need to be clear since it didn't pertain to me then ☺️) - are those qualifications for bonuses earned during THAT Champs year? Or is it lifetime points in bonuses? For instance, if a dog got one bonus run a year for 5 years, would that mean they had to be in Silver or whatever if they wanted to enter in year 6? Or is it 5 bonuses within that Champs calendar year?

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It is for the qualifying year

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