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Championships 2021
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Amanda Nelson
Fluid Motion Agility

2021 NADAC Championship Judges

We are excited to announce our Judges for the 2021 NADAC Championships!

Mike O’Martian

Erin Wajda

Patty Leroy

Janet Ooms


Are there other baby dogs doing pre elite that would like to be on a team whose goal is to have fun?

Championships Camping Ideas

Hey All,

As anyone who has been looking at hotels for Champs this year knows, the situation kind of sucks.

The facility has a massive amount of spots for camping, both RV and tent.

I'm looking to get some opinions/ideas... (More)

Pre Elite requirements

What are the limits for elite points for a dog in pre elite for championships? Bella is close to maxing out her open jumpers points but has a long way on open regular and doesn’t yet have, nor is she... (More)