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Championships 2021
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Post Champs Survey

Good morning - I had asked this through "support" but no one replied - will you be sending out a post champs survey / feedback form? 

Ed & Tres
Host of Off Course Agility Podcast

Championships magnets

Back in 2019 I thought to sell magnets and it all fell threw with a supplier problem.

As long as I make it to champs I will be selling the following magnets. They have a slight amount of promotion for... (More)

What exactly are the rules as to who can form teams? Can an elite standard dog, elite vet dog and pre-elite standard dog form a team? Do they all have to jump the same height?

Possible requirements for Champs…Covid testing ?

Just wondering that if a negative Covid test becomes a requirement for champs how does that work for someone who test positive because they have had it within a few weeks or months of champs but does not have it... (More)