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Championships 2021
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RV Dumping at Champs 2021

Hey Campers!

I have got RV dumping arranged for champs this year. This crew is pretty flexible so I need to get a general consensus on what day most would like to be pumped. Either Thursday or Friday. Comment below... (More)

Pre-Trial and Side Runs Question

Will there be placement, qualifying, and title ribbons available for the pre-trial and side runs at championships this year?

Champs RV parking

Has anyone been to this facility previously with a bigger sized rig? The premium says they’re approximately 40 feet long. I would have a 41.5 foot RV with a motorcycle lift on the back that adds approximately four feet. Is... (More)

RV Camping Question - What time is Evac on Sunday/Monday

We have a rental RV being dropped off and picked up. Is there a specific deadline time on Sunday we have to be out? They asked about picking up in the evening. Thank you :-)