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is there a 2022 Championships discussion on the forum?

Rocky Top Agility Trial

This past weekend was spent in the beautiful hills of Tennessee with Colleen Flam and Renee Ward at the Rocky Top Mountain K9 Agility trial. Karla Vialle was the judge and she set some really fun and challenging courses. She... (More)

Salli Dulco
Owner - Sage Hill Soapworks

2022 Champs Payments


Did I read somewhere, that we should not pay for the 2022 Championships and Pre-Trial in full when registering? That we were going to get an invoice and/or some type of notification of what we need to pay... (More)

Ed & Tres
Host of Off Course Agility Podcast

Memories of Nadia

Back in the late 2000s my beagle Dino and I enjoyed spending many weekends at NADAC funraisers in Killawog, NY hosted by Nadia.

My sister had shared with me a Facebook post she saw from Sharon Nelson expressing shock and... (More)