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10 years of NADAC for me

This month is my 10 year anniversary of competing in NADAC. The first NADAC Q I earned was in Calera in September of 2011 - Novice Jumpers. There was a couple trials with no Q's before that, but it doesn't... (More)

You can turn in a 5-point Video run, right? If it's a bar down in Regular?

Are contacts required for Tonopah Intro Chances?

I don't have contact equipment and would like to run this course. Is contact equipment necessary to successfully complete and submit this course?

Drone videos

For VT videos, are we allowed to use drones to video as long as it isn't a distraction/lure for the dog and is able to see all elements of the course (including contacts)? Here's an example that I took tonight... (More)