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PAWZAZZ October trial

iOur early Fall Trial to be held 10/ 23&24 will be held at HOG DOG in Millersville , MD. Our judge is Jean Wilkins.

We are requesting that exhibitors be vaccinated to protect the most vulnerable among us. Crating... (More)

K9 Corps Agility - Entries closing soon!

Entries close on Tuesday, 9/21 for the K9 Corps Agility trial near Appleton, WI on Sept. 24 - 26. FOUR rounds of Tunnelers are being offered, FOUR rounds of Regular, and two of EVERYTHING else over the course of the... (More)

ESAG Inc. Premium/Entry Now Available

Hello friends, I'm pleased to say that our premium/entry for the annual ESAG Inc. High Sierra Agility Challenge, August 20-22 in Mammoth Lakes, CA, is posted and available for entry! This year we have both snail mail and online entry... (More)

Join Us in Vermont August 13-15

NAE's August 13-15 NADAC trial in Dummerston, Vermont (Brattleboro Area) is NOW OPEN. Please visit and look in the Events section for more information. Please note, on-site camping sites are booking fast so get your reservation today. We would... (More)