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Update on 4RK9s Trial July 30-31

The closing date for the trial is listed as July 24 - we will be accepting entries until July 27 ( error in premium) and yes we will be doing DOS -   please email if any questions 

4RK9s July 30-31 at the Quad City Dog Center in Davenport, IA is now open

4RK9s July 30-31 NADAC Trial at the Quad City Dog Center in Davenport, IA is now open. Our Judge is Scott Casino and it will be a double run trial. The Premium, online entry form, and the ability to pay... (More)

Upcoming June 11-12 Trial MD

CIA has posted the premium for the June 11th trial! Come play agility with us!

June 4-5 Go Dog Go Agility - Trial indoors on artificial turf/climate controlled

Hello NADAC Exhibitors!

If you don't already have plans, Go Dog Go Agility would like to invite you to attend our June 4-5 agility trial in Indianapolis, IN! It is indoors, climate controlled, and on artificial turf at Pawsitive Partners... (More)